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New Zealand

New Zealand: A see­mingly end­less, untouch­ed and deser­ted natu­re, no neigh­bors far and wide and more sheep than peo­p­le. New Zealand is not even as big as Italy, but pas­ses through three extre­me­ly dif­fe­rent cli­ma­te zones.
Unique like the natu­re are the wines. These enchant with pure, clear and imme­dia­te­ly pre­sent fla­vors. 2200 hours of suns­hi­ne, cool nights and a long ripe­ning peri­od pro­vi­de the uni­que fla­vors. A ran­ge of soils and cli­ma­tes allow for a varie­ty of wines.

North Island
Auckland-Bay of Plenty and Waikato-Gisborne-Hawke’s Bay-Wairarapa — Gladstone-Martinborough

South Island
Marlborough- Nelson-Canterbury-Waipara Valley-Waitaki Valley-Central Otago

Main gra­pe varie­ties (WHITE)
Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris

Main gra­pe varie­ties (RED)
Pinot Noir, Merlot encoun­ter sub­tro­pi­cal, cool mari­ti­me and con­ti­nen­tal cli­ma­tes.
Most of the viney­ards are loca­ted no more than 20 km from the sea, resul­ting in mari­ti­me con­di­ti­ons almost everywhere.

Discover and enjoy uni­que qua­li­ty wines from New Zealand.

from coun­try reports WEIN+MARKT 3|2024

New Zealand is an excep­ti­on among the over­se­as wine-growing count­ries, as both the volu­me and value of imports to Germany are incre­asing. The volu­me rose by 34.7% from 93,000 hec­to­li­ters to 125,000 hec­to­li­ters, while the value increased by 43.5% from 33 mil­li­on euros to 47 mil­li­on euros. With an avera­ge pri­ce of 379 euros per hec­to­li­ter, New Zealand is the second most expen­si­ve coun­try of ori­gin after France. Another fea­ture is the high pro­por­ti­on of white wine at 97%, with 86% of imports being sup­pli­ed in bulk and 14% in bottles.